26th District lawmakers secure funding in supplemental capital budget for repairs to military vessel USS Turner Joy

Twenty-sixth District lawmakers, Reps. Jesse Young and Michelle Caldier have acquired $300,000 in the supplemental capital budget to assist in necessary hull repairs to a retired Navy destroyer vessel, the USS Turner Joy, in Bremerton.

“This was a roll-up your sleeves effort to look out for the needs of our district,” said Young, R-Gig Harbor. “The USS Turner Joy not only serves as an  integral breakwater for our downtown marina, but is also one of our state’s prime tourist attractions. By appropriating these funds to the hull repair project, we are not only proactively getting out in front of a problem, but also contributing to the economic stability of the Port of Bremerton.”

The USS Turner Joy was involved in many wartime missions, and is most remembered for its involvement in the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which escalated the United States’ participation in the Vietnam War.

“This project is important because we’re preserving an important piece of our state’s military history, while ensuring we’re not going to be spending more money down the line on a replacement breakwater,” said Caldier, R-Port Orchard. “The USS Turner Joy is important to our district and the state, so I’m glad to be part of the effort to secure funds for this repair project.”

Bremerton mayor Patty Lent has also expressed her support for the funding.

“We have benefited from the capital dollars our legislators have invested in the continuing growth of Kitsap’s largest city, as well as the Port of Bremerton,” said Mayor Patty Lent of Bremerton. “The City of Bremerton is prospering from our revitalization. The USS Turner Joy brings not only tourists, 94,000 in 2015, but also visitors and conventioneers that are helping increase our tax revenues for needed services as our population and businesses grow. The city strongly supports and is also investing in this major preservation project.”

“What I like best about this funding is that it removes the final hurdle standing in the way of the Port or Bremerton and the fiscal solvency regarding the USS Turner Joy,” said Young. “With this allocation, future costs can be borne through their normal operations, which is a win for all, especially the tax payers.”

Reps. Caldier and Young worked with Sen. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard, to secure this funding in the final capital budget.


Washington State House Republican Communications