Caldier named ranking member on Housing, Human Services and Veterans Committee

When the 2021 legislative session begins Jan. 11, Rep. Michelle Caldier, R-Port Orchard, will be serving in a new position as the ranking Republican on the House Housing, Human Services and Veterans Committee.

The committee considers a broad array of issues relating to housing, including accessibility and affordability, homelessness, state assistance to low-income housing, housing authorities and the Housing Finance Commission. It also considers issues relating to community development, community investment programs, underrepresented communities, veterans and military affairs, parks and recreation, and emergency management preparedness and response.​

“It is an honor to be chosen in a leadership position on this committee. I have been working on the homelessness issue for some time, having introduced legislation last year to create a home sharing program and to ensure services are provided to pregnant women who find themselves homeless,” said Caldier. “Construction of housing has not kept up with demands. We need to find ways to solve that issue. We also need to enact new and innovative solutions that will help people get into homes, such as home sharing programs.”

Caldier also noted the committee work on veterans’ issues.

“This committee is a great fit for our district and surrounding area. Many veterans live in and around the 26th District due to the proximity of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, the Naval Base Kitsap at Bangor, and the Washington Veterans Home in Port Orchard,” said Caldier. “I look forward to working with our veterans and addressing their issues on this committee.”

Committee assignments were recently released by the state House of Representatives. Caldier will continue to serve as assistant ranking Republican on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, which considers issues of health care and long-term care services. In addition, she will remain on the House Appropriations Committee, which considers the operating budget bill and related legislation, budget processes, and fiscal issues such as pension policy and compensation.

“Both of these committees will be in the spotlight as we work through issues of the pandemic and economic relief to those who have suffered from it. I’m honored to serve the citizens of the 26th District and bring their voices to all of these important committees,” said Caldier.

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled for 105 days and will largely be conducted remotely due to COVID-19.


Washington State House Republican Communications